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Jorge Torres

Welcome to Jorge Torres' page. 
Jorge is a world-renowned Tango Choreographer, Dancer, and Impresario of dance productions. 
As many of you already know, Jorge, a very busy man, never stops traveling.  As Dance Captain of the worldwide production "Forever Tango", Creative Director of The Shimmy Club, Inc., Juror of tango championships, Artistic Director for the American Tango Institute, father and husband, he is constantly touring across the USA, Asia and Europe teaching and inspiring others in the art of Argentine tango.
See below for Jorge Torre's upcoming events.

Tango Show - New York
If you are in NYC, come check out my show:
Shows Thur-Sat
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Jorge is in New York city most of the time, appearing in the show "Tango House" thursdays through Saturdays.

He is also available to teach private lessons. Please contact him at for more information.

Interview in Indonesia Tattler Magazine

Indonesia September 2010