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My Story
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My classes are unique.

Among the many workshops I teach, "Balance Technique" is my favorite and I noticed that all my students share my choice, because with this class I give them tools to improve their dancing.
Tango is a dance between two people, but before you can be with your partner, you need to learn to be with yourself.  

Of course the balance technique classes will teach you how to have great balance and to learn about your axis, but it also teaches you to be with yourself and how to use the floor and control your own body.  I believe this to be very important.   Nothing good will come out of blaming your partner when something goes wrong with the dance, right?   Rather than worrying about how to make yourself look good from the outside or what kind of new amazing steps you can create, you should take care of what's happening inside of you.   There's so much going on in this dance, and not everything can be taught in a few hours, but learning about your axis and balance will definitely help. As a result, it will make your dance much more beautiful.  

Balance cannot be bought, but I can teach you how to manage it!

I travel to many places, but I know that I haven't covered the whole world yet. If you're unable to come to my classes and would like me to come to your community, please have someone contact
me.  Together we can always organize workshops and demonstrations.

I love my work and I feel that it’s my responsibility to create great dancers all over the world.